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Why I Believe AVB Must Stay at Chelsea and build the team

AVB in pensive mood

For the past few weeks after the slump of Chelsea in the premier league and other competitions, there is pressure being mounted on AVB to deliver results. There are speculations on his sack and dressing room unrest. There was also one recent article I read a comment on an article on the telegraph website making comparisons between AVB and Mancini which sparked me to put together this piece.

Mancini Yeah may be competent but  you are forgetting that it took him about two seasons to get his formula. In his first season after spending a lot of money buying players like Robhino he placed 5th in the league. What did the Media not say in England. I remember favourite Chants like Money does not buy trophies from Press in England and opposition fans alike.

In the 2010/2011 season which was his second season he placed 3rd behind Chelsea after spending heavily on players like  German international defender Jérôme Boateng from Hamburg for approximately £10.64 million, Spanish World Cup winner David Silva from Valencia for approximately £24 million, Yaya Touré from Barcelona for around £24 million,and Aleksandar Kolarov from Lazio for approximately £16 million.

In the 2011/2012 season he spent over 70 million pounds on Nasri, Aguero et al and now Man City is 1st on the league table.It has taken Mancini 3 seasons to build a winning team.  So why are we not cutting AVB some slack?

Why are all you impatient fans at the heels of AVB? If Chelsea fans appreciate the essence of moving on and building for the future they would cut AVB some slack and give him time to build a team. We talk about Man U, go read about the history of Alex Ferguson’s first few seasons at the the club. It was horrible.

Chelsea fans and the media have to give AVB a break and give him time and money to rebuild.

Ashley Cole, Fank Lampard and Michael Essien plus the rest of the senior players have to respect the coach and heed him. They should also note that they have neared their prime and should help the coach rebuild the team by encouraging the younger and new players to stake their claim in the team.

Regarding David Luiz, there is no England defender in or out of the Chelsea team that plays better football than he does.  England has flat players without flair, players who can’t even dribble with the ball.

David Luiz is in the class of Marcello of Real Madrid , very skilful, forward surging defenders. If our midfielder like Lampard and Malouda could play with such intent Chelsea would rip teams.

It is only in England that they connect a player’s performance with Goals. That is a bad way of evaluating players. Lampard gives away passes, tackles less and when he is fed the ball by Mata or by Luiz and he scores, suddenly he becomes the Man of the match. How crazy a football culture.

What is my point? Chelsea Football team and the Owner should give AVB the time to rebuild the team.

About Derrydean Dadzie (24 Articles)
Derrydean Dadzie is a co-founder and CEO of DreamOval limited, an indigenous company that provides internet and mobile software services. He’s been described as part of Africa’s emerging class of young entrepreneurs who present a challenge to Western ideas of African economic development. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Ashesi University. He has over 8 years’ experience in the software industry and business process engineering and streamlining. Derry has spoken at the highest level at mobile and internet technology conferences. He has also written articles on the mobile and internet space and has been a key resource person for various consultants, international organisations and development partners on the African software industry and mobile and internet technology. With vast experience in the mobile and internet software services industry, he’s been cited in diverse articles and presentation on mobile technology and entrepreneurship in Africa. He was recently adjudged the Young Entrepreneur for the year 2011 by WAVES international.

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